Empower360 + Spark360 is the first 100% healthcare delivery model financially incentivized to get people healthy, because we believe the viability and vitality of your business are directly affected by the vitality and vibrancy of your employees. Our business model allows for direct purchasing of 80-90% of all healthcare. This can save your business 20 to 30% on your healthcare spend and significantly reduce administrative costs.

Our health delivery model is the first of its kind that integrates human intervention, tech intervention, clinical care and prevention to shift from a sick care system to a health focused delivery system.  Better for patients.  Better for providers.  Better for payers.

Our world class team, our deeply embedded relationships with employers and benefits consultants, and now, a major health system has set us up to fundamentally change healthcare one city, one region, one country at a time.



Along with amazing clinical providers from Empower360, you get the Spark360 program.

Population health consulting and coordination

Wellness program development, implementation, and management

One-on-One Health and Wellness Coaching for your employees

Care navigation and coordination with Empower360 physicians

The Spark360 Member Management Portal for population health management and reporting


It’s really that simple. We’ve created a system that delivers 85 to 90% of the medical services your employees will need at a single monthly cost and no confusion. We tell you exactly what’s covered in our Direct Care Network, and who we partner with to provide those services. And we do it all for 20 to 30% less than a traditional health insurance plan. That’s money you can reinvest in your organization and your people.

Plus, our members are happier with their level of service, and our providers get to focus on people, not paperwork. It all contributes to making your employee population vibrant, and making you an employer of choice.