We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. To help out, we've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we get from our current members.

What is covered under my membership?

As an Empower3 member, you will receive access to a wide variety of primary care services, including unlimited office visits with your provider, annual wellness exams, basic in-office procedures, routine lab work, treatment for acute illnesses or injuries, chronic disease management and more! 

Your monthly membership will cover the cost of all services provided in our offices and will also cover visits to any of our in-network providers, including behavioral health services, imaging services, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, cardiac and pulmonary testing, sleep studies, and more! 

For a comprehensive list of services available within our membership plans, check out our Provider Services page.

Do you accept walk-in’s, or do I need to make an appointment?

Empower3 is not an urgent-care office, so members are asked to call to request an appointment in advance. Same-day or next-day appointments are available for urgent needs.

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

In the event that you are traveling or outside of the service area and in need of medical attention, we encourage you to give our office a call, as many minor illnesses or injuries can be diagnosed and treated over the phone, or via virtual consultations with our providers, without the need to visit the ER or an urgent care facility. In instances where in-person evaluation or treatment may be necessary, we will work with you to locate an appropriate urgent care facility near you.

*If you are having a life-threatening emergency, we urge you to call 9-1-1 immediately.*

What if I need to speak to a provider after hours?

Empower3 offers a 24/7 on-call physician service for members. Simply call the office after-hours to be put in contact with one of the on-call providers. Members can also create a MyUPMC account to securely message Empower3 providers with questions on their care.

What if I need care outside of the Empower3 network?

 (I.e. specialist visits, surgery, diagnostic tests, hospitalizations) 

For any services not provided within the Empower3 network, including hospitalizations, surgeries, and certain diagnostic tests, members can go to the provider of their choosing, and any charges and associated costs will be billed through your traditional insurance. Your Empower3 team will continue working closely with any specialists or hospitalists you are seeing to help coordinate your care.

What about medications and labwork?

Empower3 offers a generic prescription formulary with medications that are covered through the membership. Some of these medications are kept right in the office - mostly for acute care reasons - including antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, anti-inflammatories, and can be dispensed at the time of your visit for you to take home with you. For generic medications that are covered, but not used for acute care,  members can go through Empower3’s pharmacy partners to pick up your medication, with no copay or additional charge. Members are encouraged to view our RX Formulary for a list of currently covered medications. 

Empower3 members can also have routine lab work done right within our offices, with most basic lab tests covered under the membership.

What types of telemedicine do you offer?

There are a few types of telehealth available through Empower3. First, members have access to a network of specialists who can provide telemedicine consultations for further medical advice regarding your health concerns.  These consultations are coordinated at the Empower3 office with your provider in the room, at no additional cost. There is also a telehealth option available between the member and Empower3 provider, where appointments can be conducted over video software that connects with the EMR used at the office. Finally, members have the option to access 24/7 care via the UPMC Anywherecare app. This care would be arranged via telemed with a participating UPMC provider, but not an Empower3 provider.

I’m currently seeing a specialist and have a good relationship with this provider.

If I become an Empower3 member, do I need to switch to seeing an in-network specialist via telemedicine? 

Empower3 does not want to disrupt existing relationships with specialists. We simply ask that you communicate with our team to identify this relationship and we will work alongside both you and your current specialist to help coordinate your care, and to also make sure you are not charged for services that can be provided under your Empower3 membership (labwork, imaging, etc.) 

What types of women’s health services are available? Do you offer prenatal care?

Yearly women’s health exams, including breast exams & pelvic exams, are offered at Empower3 at no cost to members. (Professional interpretation for PAP Smear samples may require additional charges and would be billed through your insurance.) 

Empower3 does not offer prenatal care. Members would continue to be seen by an OB/GYN outside of our network, and can continue using their membership for non-pregnancy-related health concerns.

Do you offer pediatric healthcare?

Empower3 offers primary care for children ages 12 and under through our local pediatric partners. All primary care services provided by these partners are covered under your membership.